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Portland Patrol Inc. (PPI) is a private security company providing armed and unarmed security for both public and private organizations in Oregon. Working closely with the Portland Police Bureau, PPI employees help to ensure the safety and security of individuals, businesses, and property in the downtown area. PPI serves as the "Safe" side of the Portland Business Alliance's Downtown Clean & Safe Program that provides security and cleaning for Portland's Business Improvement District (BID). PPI is committed to ensuring that all visitors to the BID have a safe and positive experience in our wonderful city.

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In 1997, Portland Patrol Incorporated (PPI) opened its doors providing both armed and unarmed security services to both public agencies and private businesses in the core of downtown known as the Business Improvement District (BID).
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"I have witnessed Portland Patrol Inc. officers de-escalate difficult and dangerous situations, making the streets safer for our staff, our volunteers and for those seeking our services. We appreciate having PPI in our community."
- Doreen Binder, Executive Director, Transition Projects Inc.

"PPI is an important partner in keeping downtown Portland safe."
- Norm Sharp, Portland Business Alliance
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