Directory of Services & Resources

This is a directory of downtown concerns and services available through Portland Patrol Inc, Downtown Clean & Safe, and other agencies to keep downtown Portland as the place to live, work, shop, and play.

Aggressive Animal Behavior*: 503-224-7383
*If an animal is aggressively biting or chasing another animal or person, dial 9-1-1 and the Multnomah Animal Control at 503-988-7387, selecting the emergency option.

Alcohol distributors: 503-823-5852
Call if an alcohol outlet (bar/tavern, convenience store, liquor store) or its customers are causing problems for your business or your neighborhood. Ask for the Downtown Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mike Boyer.

Alcohol: 503-224-7383
For public drunkenness, inebriated individuals, or open containers, call for a Clean & Safe Patrol Officer for assistance.

Bus shelters
Safety (Clean & Safe): 503-224-7383
Graffiti removal (TriMet): 503-224-7383
See Transit Mall.

Car prowl
Suspicious persons*: 503-224-7383
Smart Park Car Prowls: 503-224-7383
Emergency (car theft, burglary 9-1-1 or vandalism in progress)
*Any person who is, or appears to be, armed or dangerous should be reported to 9-1-1.

Chronically mentally ill: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe Patrol officers dispatch professionals from Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare's Project Respond to investigate individuals in need of medication, housing or other services, or who are harming themselves or others. Also see Project Respond.: 503-988-4888

City Hall
Information: 503-823-4000
Mayor Sam Adams: 503-823-4120
Commissioner Randy Leonard: 503.823.4682
Commissioner Dan Saltzman: 503.823.4151
Commissioner Amanda Fritz: 503.823.3008
Commissioner Nick Fish: 503.823.3589

Community policing: 503-823-0283
Shares the responsibility of policing with the community to make Portland neighborhoods safer by identifying issues, resources and innovative strategies. Ask for Portland Police Crime Planning and Support.

Disorderly behavior: 503-224-7383
Aggressive panhandling, public drunkenness or other inappropriate activity. Refer fighting and gang activity to Portland Police at 9-1-1.

District Attorney: 503-988-3049
Downtown has its own neighborhood District Attorney under the County's neighborhood prosecution program. Shoplifting, graffiti, disorderly behavior and other offenses are tracked to better prosecute crimes against property and persons downtown.

Downtown Clean & Safe: 503-224-7383

Downtown Crime Prevention
Coordinator, Mike Boyer: 503-823-5852
Provides downtown businesses and residents with crime prevention workshops on personal safety, building security, shoplifting prevention and other topics, and serves as liaison between Portland Police and community organizations. Also see Downtown Security Network and E-Alert.

Downtown information
City of Portland Information hotline: 503-823-4000

Downtown marketing: 503-224-8684
The Alliance provides services that promote downtown as the place to live, shop, work and play.

Downtown Security Network: 503-988-3773
The District Attorney and Portland Police facilitate a security network of downtown security providers. Monthly meetings cover security trends and issues with the Police Bureau's Central Precinct, and they also offer presentations from other law enforcement and crime prevention groups. Businesses have access to an Email Alert Network (E-Alert) to exchange relevant crime prevention information affecting downtown Portland.

Downtown Services: 503-224-8684
Offers business assistance related to maintaining, relocating or expanding a business in the Center City. Services include: online commercial real estate listings, pedestrian and vehicular traffic counts, detailed site analysis, detailed parking analysis, downtown maps, residential housing analysis and lists and sources of economic development assistance services.

Drug dealing 9-1-1
Call Portland Police about drug deals in progress or your neighborhood community policing patrol officer (Downtown Clean & Safe).

Drugs: 503-224-7383
Report any suspected drug activity, or drug paraphernalia to Downtown Clean & Safe.

E-Alert - Email Alert Network: 503-224-7383
Receive timely public safety information via the Email Alert Network.

Employee safety: 503-823-5852
Also see Crime Prevention.

Fights: 9-1-1
Call Portland Police.

Film & video coordination: 503-823-5141
The City of Portland Bureau of Licenses issues permits and coordinates film and video production requests.

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 503-823-3700
Information: 503-823-3700

Gang activity: 9-1-1

Garbage removal:
Sidewalk cleaning: 503-224-7383
Street trash cans: 503-823-2866
Streets: 503-823-1700

Graffiti removal: 503-224-7383
Downtown Clean & Safe's special cleaning crew removes graffiti from public and private areas. Instruction is available for removing graffiti from private property.

Graffiti removal outside the BID: 503-823-4TAG

Homeless persons: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe Patrol Officers can direct homeless persons to referral services, or if creating a public nuisance or hazard, can assist with removing the individual.

Homeless programs
Call the following referral and information lines to take action on behalf of individuals who need assistance:
Central City Concern: 503-294-1681
New Avenues for Youth: 503-224-4339
Transition Projects: 503-823-4930
United Way Referral Line: 503-222-5555

Downtown Retail and Marketing: 503-224-8684
Downtown Marketing Initiative

MAX light rail (TriMet)
Emergency (24-hour): 503-962-7666
Lost & found: 503-962-7655
Outdoor advertising: 503-223-9796
Max schedules: 503-22-TRAIN
TriMet information: 503-238-RIDE
Keep Portland Moving: 503-865-MOVE (865-6683)
The Next Big Thing

Mentally ill: 503-224-7383
Project Respond: 503-988-4888
See Chronically Mentally Ill.

Neighborhood associations: 503-823-4519
Promote livability and public safety, and mediate businesses and citizen disputes to help alleviate neighborhood concerns.
Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association: 503-823-4519
Downtown Neighborhood Association: 503-823-4519
Office of Neighborhood Involvement: 503-823-4519

Office security: 503-224-7383
Also see Crime Prevention.

Ombudsmen services: 503-224-8684
The Alliance assists as a liaison between government agencies and downtown businesses through its advocacy services.

Panhandling: 503-224-7383
Downtown Clean & Safe discourages panhandling and distributes information to the public about the alternative "Real Change Not Spare Change" vouchers that can be redeemed for actual services. Aggressive panhandlers are subject to prosecution.
Also see Real Change Vouchers.

City of Portland Office of Transportation
Meter hoods: 503-823-7365
Parking enforcement: 503-823-5195
Parking meters: 503-823-7200
Parking Patrol: 503-823-5195
Parking problems: 503-823-5195
Also see Smart Park.

Parks maintenance
Bureau of Parks & Recreation: 503-823-2223
Operations/Maintenance: 503-823-1600

Pioneer Courthouse Square: 503-223-1613
Call about Square events, security and maintenance.

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 503-823-3333
Central precinct: 503-823-0097
Information and referral: 503-823-4636

Portland Business Alliance: 503-224-8684
Portland Business Alliance: 503-224-8684
Office of Neighborhood Involvement: 503-823-4519
Travel Portland: 503-275-9750

Portland Patrol Inc.: 503-224-7383

Project Respond: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe patrol officers dispatch professionals from Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare to investigate and work with the chronically mentally ill on downtown streets.

Public inebriates
CHIERS works with the 9-1-1 emergency system to pick up intoxicated persons.
Downtown Clean & Safe: 503-224-7383
CHIERS (Hooper Center): 503-238-2067 or 9-1-1
Also see Alcohol.

Public restrooms: 503-224-7383
Downtown Clean & Safe maintains restrooms at:
N. Park Blocks-8th Ave. & Ankeny St.
S. Waterfront Park-under the Hawthorne Bridge
S. Waterfront Park-Riverplace
4th & Clay-entrance on SW Clay St. between 3rd & 4th Avenues
Chapman Park-women's at SW 4th & Madison St.
Lownsdale Park-men's at SW 4th & Salmon St.
Pioneer Courthouse Square-SW Broadway & Morrison St.
Naito and Taylor Loo-Waterfront Park at intersection with Taylor
5 & Glisan Loo-Located South of the Greyhound Station
Couch park at NW 20th & Glisan St

Real Change vouchers: 503-224-8684
25¢ vouchers that provide an alternative to giving cash. "Real Change Not Spare Change" vouchers may be redeemed for services like transit and food from established service organizations. Available at several downtown locations.
Also see Panhandling.

Shoplifting/loss prevention: 503-823-5852
Also see Crime Prevention.

Shopping cart returns outside BID:
888-55-CARTS or 888-552-2787

Shopping cart returns within BID: 503-224-7383

Sidewalk Ambassador program: 503-224-8684
The Sidewalk Ambassador help people use, understand and explore downtown, with entertainment and soft security as secondary functions. They are multilingual and receive comprehensive training and depth of knowledge on downtown attractions and offerings.

Sidewalk cleaning: 503-224-7383

Sidewalk vendors: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe Patrol officers are available to advise vendors of the City's ordinance requiring cart permits.

Smart Park garages
Owned and operated by the City of Portland.
SW 3rd & Alder: 503-823-2895
NW Naito Parkway & Davis: 503-823-2898
SW 10th & Yamhill: 503-823-2893
SW 1st & Jefferson: 503-823-2892
O'Bryant Square: 503-823-2894
SW 4th & Yamhill: 503-823-2897
Portland Building: 503-823-2896

Smart Park Security: 503-227-7383
Call to report any suspicious activity or behavior in or near a Smart Park garage.

Special event information line: 503-275-8355
Travel Portland maintains a listing of metro area and community events.

Special event permits: 503-823-5141
The City of Portland Bureau of Licenses coordinates permits and reviews of special events through a Special Events Permitting Committee.

Street lighting
Outages: 503-823-5216

Street maintenance and cleaning: 503-823-1700

Street safety: 503-823-5852
Program teaches personal safety in an urban setting; reporting suspicious activity and crimes; dealing with panhandlers, the chronically mentally ill, suspicious persons; and how to access help.
Also see Crime Prevention.

Street youth: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe patrol officers can approach transient youth who are loitering or creating a disturbance.
Outside In (youth day shelter): 503-223-4121

Suspicious persons*: 503-224-7383
* Any person who is, or appears to be, armed or dangerous should be reported to 9-1-1.

Tourism information:
Travel Portland: 503-275-8355
Travel Oregon: 1-800-547-7842

Traffic signal emergencies: 503-823-1700

Transients: 503-224-7383
Clean & Safe Patrol Officers assist with transient activity that presents difficulties to businesses or pedestrians.
Also see Homeless Persons.

Transit Mall: 503-224-7383
Graffiti: 503-224-7383
Security: 503-224-7383
Sidewalk Paving: 503-823-1700

Trash cans (City): 503-823-7631

Trees, street: 503-823-4489

Bus information: 503-231-3199
Emergency (24-hour): 503-962-7666
Information: 503-238-RIDE
Lost & Found: 503-962-7655
MAX schedules: 503-22-TRAIN
Vintage Trolley: 503-22-TOOTS

Northwest Natural Gas
Information: 503-226-4211
Emergency: 1-800-882-3377

Portland General Electric
Customer service: 503-228-6322
Emergency: 503-464-7777

Qwest Communications
Business phone service repair: 1-800-954-1211
Public (pay) phone service repair: 1-800-234-4041

Water Bureau
Customer service: 503-823-7770
Emergency (24-hour): 503-823-4874

Vouchers: 503-224-8684
Also see Real Change Voucher Program.

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